A wimmel book to foster diversity and inclusion from the youngest age

Mimi's Colorful World - English Version

Wow - very fast!

Within 3 months the german Version of our Wimmelbuch is already sold out. The new edition has already been ordered and will be available from the end of August. However, you can already pre-order again!

PS: We still have a few English copies on stock.
PPS: Don't be surprised that the book is still available on Amazon. This shop runs through a bookstore that also sells its goods on Amazon.

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A note to all booksellers

As of now, Mimi’s Colorful World is also available to booksellers for special conditions through our website.

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We are unfortunately no longer able to take orders via email. As it’s just the two of us, we simply cannot keep up with the multitude of orders at the moment.
That’s why we’re very happy whenever book stores decide to go the innovative route of online orders :)

We want diversity.

Diversity in children’s books. Skin color, sexuality, family constellation, job distribution, appearance, religion, personal interests – all of it! Here in Cologne, people are free to be who they want to be and that’s the wonderful environment the two of us live in every day. However, many wimmel books do not represent this kind of diversity – and that has got to change. Our wimmel book is designed to showcase this colorful world and help all readers big and small to gain a better understanding of it.

And now just who are we?

This is us!