A short overview:
Diversity & Inclusion




First things first. What are we even talking about?

Diversity means including and involving people from a range of different backgrounds – allowing for a multifaceted environment. Inclusion stems from the Latin word includere, which means what you think it does – to include, to involve. And what has that got to do with wimmel books? A lot, actually!

Our society is often depicted the same way in children’s books: white, heteronormative, based on stereotypes. A classic scene from one of those books: a white family, mother, father and child. Mother, clad in pink, of course, takes care of child while father, the breadwinner of the family, goes to work.

But what about children of single parents? What about families with two moms or two dads? Families without traditional gender roles? Families with no or just a few white family members? Boys who like playing with dolls and in soccer games? Girls who are really into cars? People living with a disability?

We could go on and on, but surely you already understand what we are getting at:
So many books don’t represent the majority of our society and that has got to change!

In “Mimi’s Colorful World,” we tried to show our society as we know it: diverse! Here you can find non-traditional gender roles, bodies of all types and sizes, biracial families, people of color, people of various faiths and beliefs, people with and without disabilities, same sex couples, people with no obvious gender and people without a home.

Colorful, diverse – real.