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In “Mimi's colorful world” children are given a playful awareness of diversity and inclusion. You can find people with and without disabilities, people of color, same-sex (parent) couples, non stereotypical gender roles, body shapes of all kinds, gender-neutral people and much more.

Cardboard book:

  • water based varniches 
  • adhesives free from solvents 
  • paints free from mineral oil

22 x 27 cm

Contents of the book:

Nine scenes, 18 double pages:

  • Swimming pool
  • Central station
  • Apartment building
  • River scene
  • Fire brigade
  • Market scene
  • Playground
  • Pediatrician
  • zoo

Age recommendation:

From 2 years of age but a lot to discover for everyone

Wimmel book:

A wimmel book is a special type of children's book or (search) picture book. There is always a “teeming” atmosphere on the pages, there is something to discover everywhere. You can see mostly everyday situations in which people and animals are depicted. The great thing about wimmel books is that they are a real asset in children's rooms in many ways: They promote language acquisition, as there is a lot to explain and show. They also stimulate the children's imagination and the books are a great tool for children conveying something in a playful way. As in our case: the diversity of our society.


Shiila Lippold



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