Uli - puts the Uli in ulila

Dynamic mother of two, giver of life and ideas, best known cook of carrot chaos à la carte in the Cologne region (and possibly everywhere).


Nicola - who puts the la in ulila

Independent organizational talent, event customer delight and always on the lookout for something new - especially in hidden object books.




Where did our idea come from?

Thanks to her two kids, Uli has her pick of children’s (and wimmel) books at home. She couldn’t help but notice that most of them still depict a white, heteronormative and overall disappointingly one-sided view of the world. Not the kind of view she wanted to present to her children.

So that was the spark – but it was still missing the flame.

Who could have the fire and considerable bravery necessary to get things going? The answer was clear: Only Nicola! Her boundless enthusiasm and willingness to give 1000% made our dream a reality and that’s how we became ulila – your publisher for diversity and inclusion from the youngest age.