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The Wimmel book "Mimis Colorful World" shows the world, in all its different and beautiful facets. Mimi's world is teeming with many wonderful children and adults, all of whom couldn't be more different. Mimi travels to all favorite places and friends: Will you find Toni, the red-haired boy in the princess dress, or Mali, the woman from the fire department? Or have you seen Freddy flying paper airplanes?

  • A hidden object book that all children can find themselves in
  • Richly detailed and colorfully illustrated children's book
  • Illustrated everyday situations in the picture book lead to dialogue
  • Hidden object book made of extra thick cardboard with rounded corners, especially suitable for small children
  • Depicts people of different skin colors, people with disabilities, various love constellations and same-sex couples, as well as various external features such as scars, stretch marks and tattoos

Bibliographic data:

  • Mimis colorful world
  • Illustrated by Shiila Lippold
  • For children 2 years and older
  • 9 scenes I 18 pages
  • Cardboard picture book with rounded corners
  • Measurements: 22 x 27 cm
  • ISBN: 978-3-9823015-1-8

Wimmel book:
A Wimmel book is a special kind of children's book or (search) picture book. There is a "teeming" atmosphere on the pages, and there is something to discover everywhere. Mostly everyday situations can be seen, in which people and animals are depicted. The great thing about hidden object books is that they are a real asset in children's rooms in many ways: They promote language acquisition as there is a lot to explain and show, they stimulate children's imagination, and the books are a great tool to teach children in a playful way. As in our case: the diversity of our society.


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